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Ok. A bit about me….

I am a Dreamer! Yes —fully, truly, and to-the-bone— a Dreamer! I’ve got a bit of a realist living within me, too, and while the two sometimes don’t see eye-to-eye, I choose to see myself as one who dreams big, and then takes rational steps (well, most of the time!) to move toward my Dreams.

One of my Dreams, as you’ve likely guessed, has to do with music. I’m very clear within myself that music is something that, while a part of me, has a life of its own and that it must be trusted and allowed to live. Music, for me, is about authenticity. It is an expression largely of  “this is where I am” or “this is what I have come through and learned, to get to where I’m at” or “these are my hopes and dreams for the future”. And I must say that I have no desire to simply entertain. My desire is that my music —indeed, my whole life!— would be a means of encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring others to live their passions, to use their gifts, and to believe in their Dreams! I acknowledge that I have often felt like I’m blazing a trail through virgin woods with this mission in my heart; but alas, it is a journey I replied “yes” to long ago and I have no regret! And with each step that I take, my eyes are opened more and more to the fact that I’m not alone in this journey!

I am, at heart, a singer and a songwriter. I do not profess to be an outstanding instrumentalist of any kind! My passions have always been specifically to sing and to write and I play a few different instruments (guitar, ukulele, piano, and bass) so I can do just that. I am primarily a self-taught musician, and it has been a decade since I’ve had formal music lessons of any kind. In that past decade, however, I have independently picked up three of those instruments.

The majority of the songs I’ve written have been of my own initiative and from my own experience, though I have also written songs for theatre productions and for companies to use as promotional material, including, The Passion Test, Dream Achievers Academy, and for the Bubble Wonders show.

My performing experience ranges from singer-songwriter events to house concerts, variety shows, theatre productions, and providing the live entertainment for four-day workshop/conference events. In 2008, I also traveled with the non-profit organization ‘Up with People’ for six months, performing around the United States, Mexico and Thailand for audiences of up to 5000.

But back to the heart of the matter…. This one thing I know:  I have a love and a gift for creating and sharing music. I also know that I want to experience the magic of this universal language, every day of my life. I want to continue creating music, both on my own and with other like-minded and like-hearted people. I want to sing and perform in different parts of the world. I want to feel the joy of knowing that someone, somewhere, has somehow been affected by this passion of mine, and that his or her own passions have been ignited! In short, it is my desire and prayer that as I continue to trust and to breathe life into this gift within me, it will guide me to every heart and every ear that needs to hear, and that its greater purpose will be fulfilled.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to share this part of my self with you, and grateful for your open heart, mind, and ears that have brought you here to this very moment. You have nothing but my best wishes as you move forward on your own journey, toward your biggest Dreams…!




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