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"This is music for the spirit...It is music that captivates and continuously reveals itself to carry an emotional power that was unexpected."

New Album is complete!

RISE is finished! Jen's follow-up to 2011's GRATEFUL was released in November of 2014. The three years between albums brought some deep and painful experiences for Jen. The good news is that such times can produce great new music! RISE features 11 original songs that offer hope amidst life's struggles. Head to the tab below to have a listen.

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Bubble Wonders

Jen's hubby is internationally-recognized Speaker and Bubble-ologist Geoff Akins Hannah. Looking too add some INSPIRATION to your life or the lives of those around you? Click below too see some of the BUBBLE WONDERS Geoff creates!

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Singer, Songwriter AND Author? Yup!

Jen is proud to be a contributing author in Adventures in Manifesting: Soulful Relationships! Read about the touching love story of Jen and Geoff, in her own words, as well as how others have drawn positive and empowering relationships into their lives. Get it on its own or in a bundle!

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"...JEN HANNAH not only achieves so much more with less, every note throughout this precious, quiet album feels meticulously arranged, exceedingly well conceived, lyrically meditative, lushly produced without becoming overly fussy with studio wizardry and then, most of all, there is the continuously expressive warmth of Hannah’s voice which serves as the album’s focal point and rock solid center...."